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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flipping Out Over a Feather

Hung my necklace in the bathroom last night.

I heard Dot whining and went to see what she was so upset about and found her in the bathroom trying to get it. I guess she thinks it is some sort of bird.

She is hilarious.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Weekends

The last few weekends have been full of lots of fun things!

First was Megan's bachelorette party in New Bruansfels. We had so much fun floating the river, eating at The Gristmill and going to Gruene Hall.

The next weekend my family came in town and we went to see Kid Rock. I had no idea, but I love him! He puts on a great show!

I also got to hang out with this adorable little guy. Aimee, Scott and Andrew came in town for a wedding but came early to visit with us. We went shopping, ate out and went to the Dallas Aquarium. Andrew is going to be a big brother in January. Can't wait to meet his cute little sis!

Last weekend was a girls trip to LA. Can't beat sitting at the pool, going to the spa and eating out with a fun group of girls!

One more girls trip next weekend then I'm hoping to actually get to hang out with Brett...
Hopefully his October schedule will be better because as fun as this month has been it is not fun not getting to see each other much :/.

Fur Kids

The pups are all getting along really well. Sam is almost back to 100% believe it or not. I'm so glad we didn't put him down like the vet recommended. He has gained about 10 pounds (somehow we know how to make a dog gain weight at this house!) and he is moving around like he was never hurt. He is using his broken side like it doesn't even bother him. We think he is almost ready to go back to life of running miles a day and spotting birds.

I think he may miss it here (and someone miss him). He is enjoying his pampered life in the city: baths, ear cleanings, nail trimmings, living in the "man room", treats, toys and lots of petting.

Queen Sassy spends most of her day sleeping and being served meals on her throne and occasionally lifting her head to bark at an unusual noise.

Dot got a new toy because I thought it resembled her. Don't you agree? She is going to be upset when Sam leaves because there will be fewer dogs for her to steal food from. She is losing her mind over eating. We don't know what to do!

Wine Bottle Decor

I saw this on Pinterest and love it.
For Megan's shower I painted some wine bottles with chalk board paint and wrote cute little sayings on them.
I saw on Martha Stewart how to make any paint into chalkboard paint.
I used brown for these.
I gave these to a friend for her birthday.
A wine bottle and a beer bottle!

Made these for us.

Really easy and so cute!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Restaurant Week

Dallas has Restaurant Week every year at this time. Several restaurants participate and offer a 3 course prix-fixe menu for $35 and part of the proceeds go to the food bank.
We love it because we get to try out really nice restaurants that we don't normally eat at because they are so pricey otherwise.
Wednesday night we ate at III Forks steakhouse with Brett's co-residents and their wives/girlfriends.
This is the first time in 4 years of residency they have done this. I don't know how their schedules worked out for this to be possible but it was a good time and I hope they get to do this more.
We have been wanting to eat at "the ball" since Brett started residency here.
The restaurant is called Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck.

The view was awesome and the food was great too.

We also tried out Nick and Sam's one night last week. That is another steak restaurant that is has been here for a long time. It was our favorite out of all three.

Dove hunt

Brett started night shifts yesterday so he had the morning off. It was opening day of Dove Season so we went hunting at a friend's place about 30 minutes away.

Dot stayed right under Brett's feet the entire time.

Sassy doesn't do much but look around. Sometimes she will go look for birds but she usually doesn't bring them back.

Dot the retriever. She found almost all of our birds and brought them back to us.

We lost two birds to the crevaces in the dry ground. These things were so deep we couldn't even reach the bottom of them. Pretty crazy.

The Vascular Fellow came out in scrubs. He made his team round super early so he could go hunt. I doubt they were happy about that but that was the only way he got to go.