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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random iPhone Pics

This is what we are doing right now...
Eating Oreos on the couch and watching the Republican National Convention

Dot is really being tested.  She has been staring at this Oreo for a while now and has not given into temptation.  
How sweet is this.  This is how they wake up almost every morning.
The Pankey Institute.  Just finished course #3 of 4 in a continuum that they offer there.  
Brett got to see Sam this weekend.  Can you tell they missed each other.
Kari and I saw this in store this week.   I may have to make one of these for  one of our  bathrooms at the office.  I thought it was cute.

I am hooked on this rice.  Some of our friends cooked it for us and I just love it.

The blanket I made for baby Drake.

I changed our title photo again.  It is a pic our honeymoon when we were in Maui.
We are looking forward to the 3 day weekend.  Brett is off and we are excited to hang out and take the dogs along with us for a fun weekend!  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Heather's Baby Shower

 Heather and baby Drake had a great shower yesterday!  We had such a good time and Heather and Justin got lots of goodies for little Drake!

Diaper cake-  I made this- a bottle of wine, diapers and burlap is all it took.  I got the initials in Canton and used a wire hanger to hang the little birdies.

How awesome is this fruit display!

"Decorate a Onesie" table!

Wishes for Drake
The food Heather and Drake have been craving!!  

Mommy to be.

Some of the onesies.

Heather's aunt was pretty clever on this one.
D+rake= Drake!

Hostess pic

Mommy and granny to be!

Hostess gifts- too cute!

I made the wreath too.  The writing is on chalkboard paint.  I thought Heather could write Drake's "stats" on the smaller one when he is born!

I'm so excited for Heather and Justin and I can't wait to meet Drake :)

Last Weekend

If you follow Instagram you have seen all of these pics, but here is the iPhone version of last weekend.  
Neil and Clayton came to visit us.

Brett got the jeep a new battery and we went on a ride around the neighborhood and White Rock.
Sassy found the perfect spot for her!
Neil got a haircut from Barber Brett.  Neil decided that he gets a better deal buying clippers for $20 and getting a few haircuts out of them than going to get it cut somewhere.  He said he always loses them before they go dull haha.  
I found a car I want.  haha.
Tesla is an all electric car made in the USA.  They came to a hotel here in Dallas to let people that have ordered the car have a test drive.  Check out the huge screen with wifi internet access.  They said that you can fully charge the car at home in 4 hours for about $5 in electricity.  They are also building charging stations around the state that you can get fully charged in 40 minutes.  These aren't the typical goofy looking electric cars.  They look really good!
The guys and I went to the Arboretum.
Brett and I went with the people I work with in Dallas to a food truck gathering on Thursday night.  These food trucks are so much fun because the food is gourmet and you can get little samplers of it all.  They have everything from sushi to ice cream food trucks!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our New Table!!!

We have had a great weekend already and it's just getting started!
Mom and Dad were so nice to come deliver our beautiful new table hand made by Uncle Jimmy!!  He made the table and bench out of fallen/dead trees from his land and my parents' land.  I can't get over how talented he is.  I have told him he could sell these for lots of money if he wanted to
I love the detail in the wood. 
I got these chairs at a thrift store for $45 each.  I just happen to come across them on Craig's List  last weekend and we went to get them that day!  I have been looking at chairs like this and they range from $150 $400 each so I feel like we got a steal!
He originally had the table sanded out to perfection and I asked him to make it look more weathered.   He took a piece of concrete and beat it.  I know that wasn't easy for him to do after spending all of that time getting it so smooth, but we love the way it turned out!  You can see some of the divots in the picture on the right.

Of course we had to find something good to eat while mom and dad were in town.  We ate at Trulucks.  Good food but we had an even better time!
Restaurant week has started so mom and I ordered off of that menu.  Restaurant week happens this time every year and the participating restaurants will prepare a 3 course pre fixe menu for $35 and donate a portion of the money to the food bank.  We love it because it is an excuse to go to fancy restaurants and try their food for much less than it usually costs and we are helping out the food bank!
Heath met up with us for dinner!

The desserts were huge!

After dinner we got to meet up with Winston, Nelson and Nelson's mom!   They live in Fort Worth now so hopefully we get to do this more often.

Dad got himself a new hat at Wild Bill's Western Wear downtown.  His blew off on the boat the other day and sunk so he needed a replacement and I like it :)

Brett is on call today and tonight so we may not be doing much the rest of the weekend.  
Thanks for the delivery and good time Mom and Dad
and THANK YOU UNCLE JIMMY for the awesome table and bench!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Randoms

We have had a really nice Saturday.  We started out going to get kolaches, donuts and coffee and headed to White Rock Lake to enjoy being outside before it got too hot.

Trying to catch the ball.

I started a new crochet project last night.  Found a new pattern for a blanket.  It seems like it will be really cute so I can't wait to finish it. 
We are headed over to Nick and Licci's in a little bit.  Just put this Key Lime Pie in the oven.  Haven't made one all summer so we are looking forward to eating it :)  Licci has been on bed rest for a few months now and this may be our last dinner with just the 4 of us.  Their baby girl will likely make her arrival next week!
Brett just had to go drain and abscess at the hospital.  This one was pretty bad and couldn't wait.  They guy's airway was being invaded by the infection so they had to go take care  of it.  I can't imagine letting a tooth get so bad it could be life threatening, but you wouldn't believe the number of people that do.  So instead of spending a couple hundred dollars to see a dentist they end up in the OR and being hospitalized for days.  Crazy.  I won't get started on that!
So I used Brett's computer to look at something on eBay today and this was at the bottom of the page under "recently viewed items".  HAHAHAHA I guess the sleep deprivation might be getting to him because when I asked him why he was looking at these vehicles he said "It would be perfect to ride around on at the ranch."  I was cracking up.  He works so hard now and I hope that one day he really can get this "ranch" and a crazy army like truck that he must day dream of!