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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Painted House

I saw this on a friend's blog and I loved the idea of having a painting of our first house.  
You can find them on Facebook:  Three Sisters Gallery
They have a special in September for $50 off and another $20 off if you like or share on Facebook.
There are only a few days left to get the special so go check them out!
I ordered the 16x20 canvas.  She got it painted and mailed all within a week.
I think it is so cute!!! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sassy's Photo Shoot

I got an email from Brett with the title: Pre-op

I cracked up.  
The two of them had a photo shoot.  
Brett took the pics of her that he takes of patients before surgery.  

I think she looks pretty good to be 84 in human years.  
To start, she only has a little gray, very few wrinkles, she has all of her teeth (they could use a cleaning), walks at least a few blocks a day, still swims a few times a week, great hearing and vision, can hang with Dot who is half her age and let's not forget how smart she is...she has sat right beside one of us for all studying during college, dental school, medical school, 3 years of residency and is still going!   

So I can't think of a reason to have any "post-op" pics taken.
We can only hope we are in this good of shape at this age ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shower Impossible!

Brett and I offered to host a shower for Brett's co-resident and his fiancĂ©, Mariana.  We knew we would be out of town the weekend before so I had prepared most everything before we left.  We were planning on going to the AAOMS (national OMS Meeting) in San Diego, but the night before we left we got news that Brett's dad had a biking accident and broke his Femur :( 
We didn't think twice about changing our plans and heading down to San Antonio.  If we are looking for something good in this scenario it would be the timing!  Brett had already asked for Wed-Sat off.   Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to make it to SA until the weekend and I am so glad we were there before.  I wasn't so much help, but Brett stayed at the hospital almost the entire time and made sure those Dr's stayed in line and got things done on time.  
The patient and his personal Dr.

Headed home.

Jack had surgery Wed and was home on Friday.  He was determined to get out of there as fast as he could.  He was up and walking the next day..  It will be long and tough, but I feel like he will get back to his normal routine sooner than most.  Prayers for pain control and a quick recovery are appreciated.
Clark and Brooke came down on Friday night and Clark said "It feels kind of like Christmas!".  We were having such a good time all hanging out and usually the only time we are all in SA together is for a holiday!  Jack joked and said he knew how to get all the kids to come for a visit....just get put in the hospital.....(Let's not do that again- if you want us to come visit just ask ;)  haha)

We left SA early Sunday morning to head back and get ready for the shower that was planned at 3 on Sunday.  We were both running like crazy to get everything ready.  Brett mowed, mulched, planted flowers and went to the grocery store while I cooked. 
The SA trip didn't make us get home any later than we would have if we would have gone to Cali, we just had more to do for the shower than we thought! 
Brett kept cracking me up because he was calling it "Shower Impossible" like Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network since we were moving so fast!
But, we got it all done just minutes before the first guests arrived! 

I ordered the "Mr. and Mrs." from Green Jazz Face on Etsy.  She is from my hometown and makes the cutest banners.

I stacked different platters to make a cake stand.  The top is a cup and saucer.  I think I saw this on Pinterest.
These were mini key lime pies.  I had made them and frozen them the week before.

The happy couple.

Kari, Derek and sweet Cora who is already 5 months old!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Recipe Blog

Kristen told me about a recipe blog created by a girl that lives in Austin.  I cooked one of her recipes last night and two tonight and they were both delicious.  All of her recipes are made with fresh fruits/herbs/ veggies so they seem really healthy!  And the ones I made have been really simple as well.
Here is the blog:


When I told Brett what we were having he pitched a mini fit because we weren't having a meat!  Haha!  He didn't complain much after he started eating it.  He said "We were Vegetarians tonight huh?"  I think the only other time we have not had meat or fish with dinner is the time I made Veggie Burgers!  Don't think we could or would ever be Vegetarians but one night of no land or sea meat won't hurt us!

We both thought the eggplant and corn dish were great.   I drizzled Truffle Oil on the eggplant dish and cut the cilantro out of the corn.

I cooked the corn cobs a new way tonight.  They came partially husked so I removed the silk and rinsed them off (leaving the husks on) and put the cobs on a plate and microwaved for 10 minutes.  Clayton had told me about doing it that way and even though these only had a few husks it worked great and was so easy.  I think you could even do this with an ear of corn with no husks.  The recipe said to roast the corn in oven but I did it on the stovetop and it worked out just fine. 

We had Brooke and Clark over last night and everyone thought the meal we made was awesome.  
It was even easier than tonight.

I am excited to have a new place to search for recipes because I have kind-of been in  a slump lately and haven't found many new things to cook!
If ya'll try any from the website let me know so I can try them out too!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great weekend!  It was pretty busy but we got to see lots of friends and family so it was worth it.
Friday night we went to Brett's parents house. We got into town late so just hung out for a bit Friday night.  Brett and his dad went dove hunting Saturday morning.  They were a bit disappointed in the amount of dove they saw but I think they still had a good time.
Saturday night Brett went to the UT game with his parents and Brooke and Clark and I went to Kristen and Bobby's house.  I could have gone to the game but we all know everyone was better off if I skipped out and hung out on the couch with K and caught up!!
Sunday we went to Kristen's parents' lake house and had a great time!

Notice that Sassy and Dot are in every pic.  They stayed in the water the entire time. 
Family photo :)

Me, Kristen and the girls.

Kristen's mom, Stacy and sweet Campbell

So Kristen's parents have 2 of Dot's sisters.  You all think we spoil our dogs.....thier two girls live like a queen!  They go everywhere and do everything with Kathy and John.

Attempting to get a family photo...
Even though these pups are all related they wanted nothing to do with each other.



The Cove- the spot to be on Lake Austin aparently..

Sophie- she has the same build as Dot if ya can't tell!!

Jackie-O- acts just like Sassy but is tiny.

Campbell saying Weeeee!!!!!!

Family Photo

We almost talked ourselves out of leaving town for the weekend because of all of the driving, but we were really glad we ended up going.  We had so much fun seeing everyone!!!