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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Post Vacation

Vacation was awesome. I said I was going to update the blog during our trip, but it took too long to try to type on the iPhone. Plus, we were just too busy!

We kinda feel unhealthy and blaaaa after eating out 3 meals a day for 14 days, drinking lots of wine and having dessert with almost every dinner and sometimes in between!!!

So, I got on Pinterest to look for some healthy recipes and this is what I cooked tonight:

Veggie Burger on Roasted Cabbage

We have NEVER even eaten a veggie burger much less cooked one. We obviously usually go for the juicy beefy burger, but this was pretty good and oh so healthy it seemed!


Recipe for the ROASTED CABBAGE

I followed the recipes for the most part. I used 2 eggs instead of flax eggs like the recipe asked mainly because I have no clue what that is! I cooked the burgers in the pan and when the cabbage was done I stuck the burger on the cabbage and melted feta and cheddar cheese over them in the oven.

I also added a little mayo.

Poor Brett had to dive right back into reality the day after we got back. He worked a 15 hour day. He will have 4 days off this month, but the rest of the time he will be really busy. He said he got to do surgery to correct an umbilical hernia today so that was fun for him. Just a few more months of General Surgery and then he will actually be doing Oral Surgery until he is done. Yay!

I spent my morning with my friend Katie and her triplets. They are 2 months now and SO cute and sweet!!!