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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make a New Candle from Old Ones!

Somehow I ended up with a lot of candles that I could no longer burn because the wicks were too short. I felt like there was so much wax and I just couldn't throw it all away! Kari told me how to fix this dilemma! You can buy wicks for about $3 at a craft store and make a new candle!

Place the candles in a little water and heat slowly until all of the wax has melted.

Remove the old wicks with a fork or something when they have melted enough to do so.

Use a pot holder and pour the wax into one or several jars. After it begins to cool a little place the new wicks in the wax and let it cool.

Now you have a brand new candle that smells so good because it is a mix of all your favorite candles!!


  1. yay! gosh i miss you friend!

  2. I've been meaning to do this with my candles for about one year now! So fun and easy, and you get to enjoy the great smell longer :-)

  3. I can tell how bad I would be at this but thanks for sharing your super human talents anyway...I would have to spend some time on the burn unit if I participated