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Monday, February 14, 2011


We spent the weekend in Scottsdale, AZ and had a blast. It was a last minute trip we decided to take because we had a Southwest flight that was about to expire. We didn't get there until late Friday night. There was a passenger on the plane that was a VERY frequent flyer. He had a ton of drink tickets and he bought everyone on the plane a drink if they wanted!

We stayed at the Camelback Inn Marriot Resort. Jackie was able to get us a sweet deal there. It was so nice.

Saturday morning we went to Old Town Scottsdale. There was a parade, farmers market and a festival going on with live music and street food. There are a lot of cute shops and great restaurants here. So much fun!
Saturday afternoon Brett played golf at The Phonecian. It was a beautiful course with great views. He played with a local who was a member and had a really good time with him. We actually ran into him and his wife downtown while we were eating lunch on Sunday afternoon. Small world!

After golf we went to a resort The Sanctuary for a drink and to watch the sunset. Brett has a co-resident from Scottsdale that gave us all of these great suggestions on where to go.
That is candied bacon in my drink. I don't know what else was in it but it was really good! Brett had a Moscow Mule. Never heard of it but we loved the glass it came in. We learned that this drink always comes in those copper glasses.

We had dinner at a place called FnB. It was all fresh, locally grown food and it was cooked right in front of you. Delicious food and entertaining.

We didn't call in time to get a massage, but had breakfast and hung out by the spa pool Sunday morning.

We loved it there and will go back one day if we get the chance!


  1. wow! that looks amazing and i'm so glad ya'll had a great time! what a romantic little get away. brett's drink reminds me of a mint julep and i have never seen candied bacon and am curious to know what it tasted like! let's def paint this weekend, if it's nice we can go outside. talk to ya later and thanks again so much for grabbing that book for me!

  2. Looks like a dreamy weekend getaway!! The weather looked perfect too! Glad y'all are still able to pick up and go even with your busy schedules! :)

  3. wow!!! that is awesome and i hope i get to use my discount one of these days for a vacation like that! glad y'all had a great time.. if brett ever wants to golf on the TPC course here in SA let me know!

  4. Hi I'm your newest follower! Looks like yall had a fabulous weekend. those reciepies from your other post look great I need to try them out!! You can check my blog out at, oh and I'm from Texas too!!

  5. What a great trip! I would love to go there.

  6. that looks beautiful, wish we could have met you guys there...except that bacon situation-gross. nice pool and bar! brett looks super foxy..and i like that shirt you're wearing :)