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Monday, April 18, 2011

Road Trip

On Brett's second week of spring break we took a road trip.
We left Dallas and headed East. My parents met us and brought us the dogs and we switched cars. They let us take their new Denali Suburban which was so nice.

Our first stop was Memphis, TN for lunch. We had a grilled bologna sandwich....and it was good!

Then we headed up to Louisville, KY to spend the weekend with our friends, Ryan and Randi. We went to dental school with Ryan and he is in an oral surgery residency in Louisville.

We took our wedding cake topper to eat for our anniversary. Ryan and Randi were not able to make it to our wedding so it was fun to share that with them!

The cake was actually just as delicious as last year!
We went on part of the Bourbon tour one day.

Their 3 dogs were so nice to welcome Sassy and Dot into their home. Of course Sassy and Dot were their usual bratty selves and refused to play!
Like always we ate yummy food, drank wine, laughed a ton and were sad to leave our friends. :(

From there we headed South again.
We stopped in Nashville to walk around the famous downtown strip and then had White Castle for lunch.
We felt funny ordering so many burgers even though they are tiny!

It was early in the day so we decided to go a little further.
on the road again....

We drove on to Birmingham and spent the night there. Very pretty city.
We found La Quinta Inn there and they are the best! Free pets, free Wifi and free breakfast!

Next stop: Destin, FL.

We did nothing to but relax on the beach and read books in Destin. It was the best!
This is what Dot did all day while we were on the beach!
The dogs went crazy in the sand. They loved it!

Our last stop was LA to visit Brett's aunt for the night and eat some DELICIOUS crawfish!
We reset everything on the car before we left. We were in the car for 24 hours, used 70 gallons of gas and traveled about 2400 miles! Our first road trip was a success!
The End!'s back to reality :)


  1. LOVE all of your trip pictures! Looks like you guys had an amazing time and it's giving me the travel bug!

  2. beach awesome, bologna sandwich awesome, crawfish awesome, me awesome


  3. I wish you would have left that cake at my house...and i miss brett's beard really bad. Those beach pics look and sassy look snooty as usual, just kidding. i love white castle

  4. Sounds like a great road trip. And it's always fun in Louisville at Ryan and Randi's.