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Monday, June 27, 2011

Etched Glass

I saw this on the Pinterest app. If you don't know about this website/app you have to check it out. It has so many great ideas and recipes.

I got the supplies at Michaels. The stencils are beside the etch and you can reuse them. The tape is masking tape. Michaels also has weekly coupons and thy will scan them from your phone. I always pull one up on my phone when I get there. Today I got 40% off of one item!

This is a pie plate. I thought this was cute and if I take it anywhere I don't have to label it.

This is one of Brett's glasses he likes to use. I left the etch on for 10 minutes on each project.


  1. FUN!!! i saw this and wanted to do it but was skeptical. i am glad it works! i also use the michael's coupons.. i print out several and go to different stores here in SA since they are everywhere!