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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Christmas in June

Well Brett thought so anyway!  He had to buy one of those fancy cameras for residency with a big lens, big flash and a waterproof case to boot!   He ordered it off line and it just came in this weekend.  He was so excited!  They are required to have one to document their cases.  Thank goodness this year of General Surgery is only a few weeks away from being over and he will finally be doing what he came here for starting in July.  Not that his schedule will be any better.  He has to take in-house call every other night the month of July.  I'm not looking forward to that at all but I don't think he will mind so much since he will be doing what he loves.

Anyway- we have been playing around with the camera.  I just put it on Auto and start clicking.  I do want to learn more about it though!  I call these "mom cameras" because all of my friends got one when they were about to have a baby.  As you read above that is not why we got one so nobody get excited!  But we will be prepared when the time comes in that category haha

Dot trying to catch the ball.  Look at that face of determination!

Sweet Sassy

Sassy doing her daily yoga.  Down Dog

going for the ball again

Cooling off.



  1. Dot is so severe! I love it! Must be a pretty awesome camera to catch that live action shot!