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Monday, November 26, 2012


We spent Thanksgiving with Brett's family.  
We had lots of fun and delicious food.
Thanksgiving day we went to Aunt Sherri and Uncle Jim's house to eat.

Me, Mrs. Nancy, Aunt Sherri, Brooke

James, Brett, Clark

Jack carving his fried turkey.

the spread

Fixing plates

TG afternoon Brooke, Clark and Mrs. Nancy went to the UT game in Austin.
This is what the rest of us did!
Dot cooking the turkey.

The boys went to the deer lease on Friday. 
Here are pics Brett texted me from down there.
Deer hunting.

Dot filthy
An arrowhead.  I always give Brett and his dad a hard time and say the arrowheads they find down there are not real so they are always on a quest to find more and prove to me they are. haha
Dot even dirtier and exhausted.

While the boys were hunting us girls took the dogs on the walk, played games, went out to eat and did lots of relaxing!
Sassy and Dot both got a bath after the boys got back.  I blow dried both of them so they wouldn't be wet when we got in bed.  They both liked it but Sassy cracked us up.  She loved it.

I missed my family, but I am so thankful that Brett's family is so awesome.  They made being away from mine for the first time on a holiday much easier :)

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