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Monday, September 13, 2010

Like Father Like Son....or not

This is Sam, DDS, MD, PhD, MS...and so on.
Well at least that is what we were hoping for after being in training for almost 10 months. We figured that was equivalent in dog years to the 10 years post college his dad was spending in school to get all of his degrees.

This is his favorite spot. In Brett's desk chair. Guess he is studying to be better.

This is the shortened version of his story:

  • My parents found him hungry and lost by their lake house.
  • He had collars but no tags.
  • Brett had been wanting a pointer.
  • Sam is a German Short Haired Pointer.
  • Perfect?
  • Not yet.
  • He had heart worms and two intestinal worms.
  • He was a runner and gun shy.
  • Found a trainer.
  • Trainer thought he had potential.
  • Trainer said 3-4 months.
  • At 6 months Sam was "sweet and a lover but wasn't birdy enough".
  • Trainer needed a few more months and only wanted to charge us half for those months.
  • 8 months- Sam was "such a lover and is doing well but he has a little further to go."
  • Trainer didn't want to charge us the last few months.
  • June- trainer calls and says Sam needs a break. Heat was getting to him.
  • He comes home.
  • He has learned his name, knows NO and WOAH, responds to a whistle.
  • He can point but is gun shy.
  • We don't blame the trainer. He obviously gave it all he had. Sam is just stubborn.
  • He is like one of those kids who is sent off college and they fail out from partying and skipping class. Apparently this is all Sam did. Trainer said he was the king of the kennels and and some days just refused to work.
  • So anyway, he is home. It is hot. He BARKS while outside ALL DAY so he sleeps inside.
  • He also wakes me up all night and drives me crazy.
  • He has flattened some of our landscaping and tracks in dirt and mud.
  • Dot and Sassy are so rude and refuse to play with him.

  • Brother's dog Radar spent the weekend with us and he and Sam were best friends.
  • They slept outside together and never barked and played all day.

  • Sam needs a friend.
  • We don't need another dog.
  • I need sleep.
  • Hoping he gets better in the cooler weather.
  • He is so lovable and just wants to be part of the family.
  • I am trying, but I am spoiled by my perfect rat dogs.
  • He is handsome and oh so sweet.
  • He is staring at me right now wondering why I am always irritated at him.
  • Anyone have a dog that wants to play?
  • Maybe he needs to go to doggy day care so he can have friends and use his energy.
  • Now I'm going to be a mom that stays at home and still sends her kid to day care to get them out of her hair. UGH!
  • I won't be like that.
  • I'm sorry, Sam. I am trying.
  • I really am.


  1. Oh poor Sam! He sounds just like my little brother! I so wish we could get another dog. Good luck finding that handsome guy another home.

  2. wait?? im confused - you are euthanizing him? thats terrible!!! i'll take him if you are going to do something like that


  3. you are adorable! i feel like that about our chocolate lab- so lovable but mostly a pest. and i think i am that lovable creature who partied in college and got bad grades! guess that's why you still love me :)

  4. I think you should just let Sam go live with Radar and brother!

  5. i think heather is right! radar would LOVE sam! :)