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Saturday, September 11, 2010

On The Hunt

We went to check out the dove/duck lease on Labor Day. All 3 of the pups got to enjoy this trip.

Dot becomes an entirely different dog when she is on the hunt. She was born knowing how to hunt and it is so entertaining to watch. She quietly sits and looks for birds. She will see a bird and look at it and then look back at Brett to see if he is going to shoot.
Look at her up on two feet trying to get a better view.
Dot found the dove in the tall grass and is bringing it back to show it off. Her favorite retrieval is when it falls in water and she gets to swim out and get it.

Here she is. Hard at work.

She passes it off to her dad with an award of a wing. As much as Dot likes to eat, she knows better than to eat the birds.

Sassy sometimes will go get birds, but she is easily distracted. She entertained herself by chasing her shadow in the water all afternoon. Dot obviously didn't get her skills from her scatter-brained mom!!

Sam worked on his point until the first gun shot was fired. He then retreated under the truck and refused to get out. He will not be the hunting dog we were hoping for I'm afraid.
Dot cooling herself off. She didn't take her attention off of the sky though.

Brett said "And this is why she is my favorite." after she brought him a bird he couldn't find. I was scared to ask who all this favoritism was between! They have a special bond that I just can't compete with!!

We took the EZ Grill and cooked deer meat burgers for dinner.

Even the pups got to share one.

As soon as they were done the sun was setting. We got to enjoy the beautiful view as we ate our redneck-tailgate burgers!!


  1. Oh, I love it! What fun!! And a beautiful sunset! :)

  2. I can't stop cracking up about Dot...she is such a little b too, and that's why she is such a good hunter! Looks like you guys had a fun time, I really like your matching outfits! So cute, and you can't beat tailgate grilling!