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Monday, August 9, 2010

Beating the Heat

It's hot here. No surprise. Texas summers are always hot. I am just thankful I have places to go to stay cool. Our little house is trying hard to keep us cool. Whoever re-did our house planted shade trees all around and even put in double pane windows to help with cooling/heating, but the insulation is another story. There is none to speak of. Our attic is has sprinkles of old insulation, therefore our old little old house has a hard time keeping in the cool air.

The wires look really unsafe, but that's another issue. Gotta love an old house.
There must be something in the attic Dot thinks she needs. She does this every time the ladder is down and she gets in trouble for it b/c she can't get down. We are getting a quote for new insulation on Friday and I'm sure she will be trying to help out when he comes.

Our lovely herbs did not survive the heat. My wonderful husband has watered them every night and they had grown to be so big and fresh. One day they were doing well and the next they looked like this. I didn't know they could be scorched but apparently they can.
This is Sam. He is the newest member of our family. He has a story but I'll save that for another day. He is supposed to stay outside but he was barking out of control and I gave in and let him in. He barely got in the door before he collapsed on the cool floor. He stayed there all afternoon and since then when I'm home during the day he gets to come in to cool off.

Good luck trying beat the heat for these last few days of summer!!


  1. Aw, Sam is so cute! Can't wait to hear his story!

  2. that is so funny how dot climbs the ladder! and you know it's hot when sam's indoors :) ps- we had a great little walk the other day, he was a very good boy. miss you guys, lets do something soon!

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  4. My poor roses are barely hanging on! I can't wait for some fall weather!