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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Will Work For Food

Dot got to come back with me this week since Brett is on call and won't be home anyway. She loves to come home and play with her brother, but we have a problem when she is here. She thinks she has to eat everything in sight. This is nothing new for her, it is just harder to control when weare at my parent's house. Her food is measured out 2 times a day in Dallas, but my parent's dogs are disciplined enough to have food out all of the time and they eat when they are hungry. After being here for two days she and I always get in trouble when her dad sees her because her weight gain is obvious. This afternoon when I got home from work I put food out and she instantly started inhaling it. I put it in this ball so she she had to do a little work and only got a little at a time. I got this thing a few years ago at Wal-Mart and the pups enjoy playing with it. They just push it around with their noses and the food works it's way out through a maze like thing. Dot has gotten so good at it she emptied it within a few minutes.

Dot has learned all kinds of great tricks we have taught her because she knows she will get rewarded for doing them. This is one of my favorites that we call "Up Pretty".

Here is Bandit after making a few laps in the pasture. He is "pancaking" on the cool floor next to his water bowl. He is thin and trim like we try to keep Dot.

Sam passed out last night on his bed and his new nick-name is going to be catfish. Look at the way his mouth fell while he slept.

Sassy keeps her girly figure from doing yoga. This is her favorite pose. The well known "Down Dog".

But anyway back to our dog with an eating can you tell this cute face no to anything?? Brett is always reminding me I'm going to have to toughen up before we have any kids or he is always going to be the bad guy!


  1. I didn't know dogs could have Prader-Willi!! Yeah, better toughen up or I'll have to be counseling YOU one of these days ;)

    ~HS, MS, RD, LD (hahaaha)

  2. ha, poor dot, she's just so hungry. that pic of sam is hilarious!