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Friday, August 27, 2010


Well it's 8 on Friday night and I'm sitting here watching Brett sleep. Good thing I have plans to meet my cousin and a few friends later or I would be stuck hanging out here with this cool dog that likes to hang out on our table outside.

I started thinking that it seems as if our dogs always end up on the highest point they can get reach. Does anyone know why??

Maybe they have short man's syndrome and try to be as tall as their people. Here is a picture of Bandit on my parent's outdoor table.

Then here are the girls. Dot sees a tree and thinks she has to climb it. Sassy isn't quite that daring but as you see she still tries to be tall as long as no risks are involved.

Dot is bad about getting stuck in trees and has to call out for rescue. We will go outside and not seen her and will get worried until we look way UP!

And to verify my point...after coming in from saying hi to Sam, here were these two girls in their favorite spots. I don't get it.

I'm obviously thinking too hard about nothing on this Friday night...or actually I'm just bored. Going to wake Brett up and make him go with me. Wish me luck.

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  1. Dogs are so funny like that, that's why I love them! Mine are the same way, they love sitting on the back of the couch - i agree with the little dog syndrome! Bailee actually pulled a Dot and climbed a tree chasing a squirrel the other day, too funny. Well, I hope Brett got up and went out with you! -