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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garage Sales and Fall Decor

As I was waking up this morning Brett was coming home from a 30 hour shift of no sleep. Needless to say, he went to sleep...and I went to play!! I hit up several garage sales going on around us and found so many things that I just could not resist!! I then went to The Dollar Tree where "Everything really is a dollar." to get some great fall decor. I just had to share my bargains with everyone!!

2 garlands, 3 crows, bag of 10 big leaves= $6 total.

1 garland, 2 bags of gourds and pumpkins= $3 total. The place mats were a wedding gift made by my great aunt. They are reversible and have a Christmas pattern on the other side!

Green vase-garage sale: $2
Cat tails and sticks from $ Tree: $3

I went to a garage sale and for some reason felt bad for leaving with nothing. I settled for this basket for $1. (I know Mom, you have TONS of baskets I could have had.)
Ribbon $ Tree-$1
House plant from Home Depot: $3
total= $5

3 skulls, 1 package spider web= $4
$ Tree
Candelabra- garage sale-$2
Jars- garage sale- $0.25 each
candles from $ Tree- $1
total= $3.75

Awesome table from garage sale- $15.
I am going to touch it up a bit and I'll post a better picture when I do.
The rest is stuff I moved around from other parts of the house.

The iPhone's attempt to get an overall shot.

Since I was in the "fall" mode, I made some pasta with Parmesan Pumpkin Sauce from Williams Sonoma for lunch. Yummy!

So as I am posting this I hear some commotion behind me.
Brett (and Dot) have just woken up and they have spotted the crows. He said she saw them first and jumped up on the table and of course he was encouraging her to "get 'em"!!!!

Don't worry. I don't normally allow my dogs on the table. I just thought this was too funny!!!

I also got some other treasures I just thought I had to have at a garage sale. I'll share those when I figure out where they can go!! ;)


  1. everything looks SO great! how funny about dot and the crows! such a little hunter

  2. holy crap you have a whole new house. nice job

    you did a really great job everything looks so great what good ideas you have and such a nice result (was this better???)

    you better stop decorating and starting practicing wii games or i will dominate you


  3. Hello!! :) I love your decorations...I've been wanting to bring some fall decorations out for the past couple weeks, and now I'm totally inspired!! I just now saw the comment that you left on my blog almost a month ago, and I can't believe how much we have in common! It's good to see that I'm not the only one (listening to audio books, driving way too far for work, having hubby working away in residency, loving our puppies, etc.) Thank you so much for stopping by, and I think it's encouraging just to see that you still have time for the fun stuff! I've been out of the blog scene for over a month now...I think it's time to come back! Thanks again! Now, I'm going to get all caught up on your other posts. :)

  4. So festive, I love it!! I really love the little table too, good find....that pasta sounds delicious. Dot is out of hand

  5. p.s. obviously that's from me, the non-creepy blogger


  6. Love the fall decor!! Looks awesome!!

  7. I'm visiting from Life of Meg's Mingle Monday! I love all of our fall decor - I just decorated our house for fall and posted about it today! :) I love finding other newlywed blogs and look forward to following your story!