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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Little Redecorating

My friend Kari and I were out and about yesterday exploring new places around Dallas on our day off. She was in search of new pillows for her living room and I was just looking for some inspiration to do something different around the house.
I found this great rug at Anthropologie that I couldn't pass up. It was on sale for $29 and had been $298! Even though I had no idea where it would go I just had to have it. I definitely get that from my mom! It was too wide for the bathroom and kitchen so I ended up re-arranging the guest room to make it fit.
Here is the look I ended up with:

The rug is the colorful leafy one.
I had an empty wall that needed something so I pulled out these wall sconces I got a while back and never hung. I found these at Urban Outfitters for $5 each.

I hung some jewelry on them that I thought matched the rest of the room.
I call this room my Grandma Room. The picture is of my Grandma and I also have an old wash stand in there as well. The pearls and black bracelet I hung on these are my Gran Gran's. So now it's got a little touch from both!

Kari has been eyeing some pillows at Pottery Barn so went went to check those out. A few salespeople came over to see what we were doing because we used one of their couches as a model for our pillow arrangements! We had pillows everywhere!
Somehow I ended up getting new living room pillows and she didn't get any. She talked me into it. That's what friends are for right?
Our couches needed them. Even Sassy was thinking it looked a little pitiful. The pillows we had were covered in dog hair that I could not
get off.

I was able to use one of the green pillows from before and used the others to stuff the new covers.

I think they give our living room a new fresh look. The pups obviously approve. I think the deer may even be smiling :)


  1. Wow...nice transformation! Looks all ready for your guests in a few the rug, and the necklaces are a nice touch. Room looks bigger too - now I want a grandmother room-ryan is going to kill you. the pillows are a nice touch too, adds a great splash of color- what did you ever do with that life-size mirror we picked up that brett loved so much! heehee that pic of sassy is hilarious


  2. i like the grandma room nice job - i also like the deer head room and its new pillows