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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Weekend

We had a great weekend full of lots of good friends, fun and yummy food!
Saturday morning we started out by taking all of the pups to White Rock Lake for a little exercise and a swim. It was a really nice day and we had a great time.

We came home and I made a quick little lunch inspired by PW (Portobello-Proscuitto Burgers) I didn't have all of the ingredients so I used what I had. I'll call mine:
Mozzarella and Proscuitto Sandwiches:
Slice Fresh Mozzarella and place on both sides of a hamburger bun.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Cover with Proscuitto and put under broiler until cheese is melted and Proscuitto is crisp.
Mix about 2T of Mayo with 1t of pesto and spread over sandwich. Top with greens and enjoy.
I ended up making this for lunch yesterday as well and instead of pesto I used BBQ sauce for Brett's. It was good that way too.

Saturday afternoon my cousin Megan, her boyfriend and two other friends came over to visit before going down the street to the Granada Theater to hear Chris Knight sing. The boys looked at gory hunting and hospital pics and checked out Brett's jeep while the girls chatted and looked at sweet wedding and honeymoon pics! Short visit but fun!

Saturday night we had plans for dinner with our friends Nic and Licci. They recently got married as well and we really enjoy hanging out with them. Nic is the year above Brett in the same residency. We went to a place called Hector's on Henderson and it was delicious.
This dessert was ridiculous. It was a candied apple filled with carmel creme brulee. So delicious.

All of the food there was amazing. I highly recommend this place.

Sunday morning we lounged around and then went to Cedar Creek Lake with our friend Beth for the afternoon. Her brother has an awesome lake house there. It was so nice to be outside and in water. We just floated around the lake all afternoon. The dogs got to swim and sun all day and they loved that.

We came home and tried to watch a movie. The Redbox near our house had a really limited selection. We rented The Tooth-fairy and it was pretty bad. I'm sure a little one would enjoy it but we couldn't get into it. We did get into this though:

Popcorn with homemade carmel sauce. I just popped a bag of regular butter popcorn and poured PW's carmel sauce over. We inhaled this stuff. It is also good in coffee and on ice cream and probably anything else you may want to try it on!!

It was so nice having Brett off all weekend. We made the most of it and ended up having two tired pups and lots of good memories!


  1. yo its ryan-
    looks like you had a nice weekend - it also looks like brett was having a really good time making out with nic

  2. What a great weekend! Pay no attention to the above comment due to his retardedness. I am actually watching him sleep as I type-our days are very similar! Sounds like so much fun, wish we would have been there. I can't wait for our reunion coming up!! I'm gonna need you to make that candied apple thing for me PLEASE-