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Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Clarify

There has been a very big misunderstanding at our house and I wanted to clear things up. In my last post I mentioned that The Sound Of Music was one of Brett's favorite movies. Well, I was VERY wrong about this! He only said he thinks it could be one of MY favorite movies, not one of his! It now is one of my favorite movies, but again it is not one of HIS! Apparently he was given a hard time about this by some of his very manly friends that just happen to read our blog.
Anyway. I needed to show some pictures of a few of the very masculine things Brett loves to do to prove to some people he doesn't enjoy watching classic movies in his spare time.
(Baking Pumpkin Cream Pies is not fun to him either.)

Rebuilds transmissions (and all kinds of other stuff I don't know what are) for his Jeep.
Feeds our family for the entire year with meat from his various hunts.
Spends time in the wilderness with his dog.
Grows outrageous facial hair.
Rescues me from giant rats.

Welds, puts faces back together, hikes through blizzards in the mountains, rock climbs in the jeep, doesn't sleep for 36 hours a time and so many other things that don't include The Sound of Music and baking.

I love my manly husband. And I love that he will watch The Sound of Music with me even if his friends make fun.
At least he doesn't sit around and read blogs. (Dr. M********y) :)


  1. hahahaha oh my gosh i am loving this one...who in the world could you be talking about...and is that a rat or a squirrel? sick!! On the other hand, very sexual beard

  2. Haha...I think Justin would totally make me put up a disclaimer too if I had mentioned that his favorite movie was The Sound of Music!! That's hilarious!

  3. You can show all those manly pictures but the damage has been done. favorite movie is sound of music...ouch

    Dr. M********y

  4. Haha, that's hilarious. Is that rat real?? Your husband sounds manly enough to be able to watch the Sound of Music and not hear any flack about it. That beard is impressive. My husband sometimes gets a hard time from his friends about the things I say about him on my blog too. Haha. I always tell him he's a good sport about it.


  5. what a manly man.
    i also love how you threw in there that he does not enjoy baking.
    and d is totally jealous of b's beard growing abilities

  6. Too funny! And I can't believe he is holding that rat! I almost had a heart attack when I saw that!

  7. aw we all know Brett is as manly as they get! I showed Sam this post and he said "Nu-uh, not MY poppa!" he misses Brett a lot.. sometimes he just runs to the front door and waits on him.