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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pie Crust Lessons

Every Tuesday night is our girls night. We usually go to Gran Gran's house and watch whatever is on at the time and read the latest US Weekly. Gran Gran always has some celebrity in her prayers! Lindsey Lohan frequents the list and I am not really sure who is on the top of it right now!! The last few months we have been watching Dancing With The Stars. But, our favorite is The Bachelor!! Coming this January!

This week my mom hosted girls night and had pie crust lessons! My dad has cooked almost every meal for as long as I can remember because my mom claims she can't cook. Which really isn't true because when she does cook it is always great. She has a few things she is always in charge of and one is pies. The pie plate is always licked clean when she has cooked them!

It was a blast! We made 10 pie crusts and four chocolate pies and laughed the entire time. :)

Here is mom's pie crust and chocolate pie recipe:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you eat lots of delicious pies and other good food.


  1. Family girls night sounds like so much fun!! And those pies look fantastic!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. That looks like so much fun and those pies look amazing, I love it when all the girls get together....tell Gran Gran that I don't think prayer is going to help Lindsey Lohan at this point! I've had Sally's cooking before and she is a liar b/c it was delicious!

    Gobble Gobble!

  3. love that you guys do that, looks so fun! and i also love that your Gran Gran prays for celebrities - and agree w/ Randi, poor Lindsey is probably a lost cause

  4. awww. thats so awesome that you guys get together every week! :) Sounds like so much fun!

    P.s. those pies look delicious! :)

    <3 Ash

  5. <3 this family!! Y'all have some really cool traditions and you make it all your own with quirky little details. I'm shocked you weren't all wearing crazy hats or have your top lip taped to your nose to look like a pig while making your pies! LOL It's awesome...cherish those times!