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Sunday, January 9, 2011

" A Cozy Christmas"

Last year we started doing a theme for my mom's family Christmas and this year is was "A Cozy Christmas". This year was the first year that all five sisters, their husbands, grandkids and great grandkids were able to be there. It was on Christmas Eve at Aunt Mary's house.
Everyone brought gifts for the "kids". In our family you get to be a kid until you are out of high school. The adults did a white elephant ornament exchange.
Aunt Mary cooked a delicious and gourmet dinner, we did our exchange and then we danced to "Milton the Dancing Christmas Mouse".

Clayton sporting his "onsie"!

Neil's last year to be a kid. He wanted a Superman lunch box and Megan found him one! haha
Aunt Mary, the middle sister of 5, found the perfect wine for her!

Working up a sweat to Milton The Mouse!!! SO MUCH FUN!

The entire group!


  1. What a fun Christmas, I love the pajamas aspect of it too! That dancing is tripping me out..I bet that is Brett's favorite part! The food looks amazing...and I have that "Middle Sister" wine in red but haven't tried it out yet, nice post anna joy, made me miss you more than ever!

    Randi (of course)

  2. love your Christmas traditions. You have such a cute family! You guys look so cute in your pjs :-)

  3. what a fun family you have! i especially love the boots and pj's and all of the dancing!!

  4. Hilarious...y'alls traditions crack me up. Does your dad think he's Hugh Hefner with those pj's?? LOL