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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day and More Crochet

I have been trying to keep myself entertained on this cold snow day. The house is cleaned, laundry is done and I have been cooking! I have made sausage bread and sausage balls so far with deer meat from the freezer. We have more deer meat coming soon so we are trying to use it all up.

I wrapped some of the sausage around some brussel sprouts we had. Way to make a vegetable unhealthy!

Dot is loving the snow. She keeps barking at it!
Sassy doesn't like it at all. She likes to be inside where it is cozy.

I have found a few new crochet patterns and I'm loving making stuff for all friends, family and some adorable little babies.
These are for Gran Gran. Only have one made so far!
Made this one for myself.
Baby Andrew's hat turned out to be a little big, but still love it because he is SO CUTE!
Those are his cute little feet too!
Another headband for Bree.
Brett'sboyfriend best friend, Ryan.
Baby Hudson in his monkey hat.
Baby Ivy

Baby Campbell coming in March!

Stay warm and be safe!


  1. I love those little booties!! So adorable..makes want to step it up and start havin some babies! Hope Ryan doesn't see this one....maybe i'll just take one of those in your pics. Can't believe all that snow in Texas, it's raining in Louisville right now. And I love your headband too, I need one of those!

  2. haha arent you funny?

    that pic of baby andrew is hilarious

    wow you have almost crocheted every article of clothing possible. Except one : you should crochet yourself some panties and send me a picture. hahahahahaha

  3. dear crafty ginger,
    i love your creations. so much in fact that i nominated you for an award on my blog!

  4. LOVE all of these! i am so excited to use those patterns... i am almost done with my third hat and then it's on to baby booties!

  5. So cute! Will you come back to visit and teach me how to crochet?

  6. I love your headbands...the one you had on yesterday was super cute! I'm so glad you've learned to crochet!