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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduations Galore

Our family has quite a few graduates to be proud of this year.

This beautiful girl graduated from UT and is headed to NYC as a part of the Teach For America program. I am very proud of her and so excited for her even though I will miss her like crazy! At least we will now have a great excuse to go to NY!

Congratulations Analeise!

This is her handsome brother and he is graduating from high school Saturday. He is headed to Blinn College in College Station. I love my life now, but it would be fun to go back to college! I told him he better have a blast but not forget the reason he is there!
Congratulations Neilster!

This guy is adding a few more letters behind his name this weekend by getting his MD. He is one of the most dedicated, hardest workers I have ever known. Even though I have watched him go through medical school after going through dental school, I still don't know how he has done it. It was tough on me and all I have done is sit back and watch! Only 3 more years of residency to go! That doesn't seem so bad after working on this goal for the last 10 years so far!
Congratulations Dr. Dr. Brett, DDS, MD!

Love all of you


  1. Goodness! That's a lot of letters! What letters will he get after he finishes residency??

  2. Congratulations Brett! I can't believe you only have 3 years left...maybe after that we can all finally live in the same city and be together forever