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Monday, July 25, 2011

B and B day 5

Well today was their last day here in Dallas and we kept pretty busy.

We went to the Arboretum this morning. Mondays are "Family Day" and they have face painting, a petting zoo, snacks and Peter Rabbit was there.

The theme at the Arboretum right now is Fairytale Castles. Different artists designed them. They are made of art or flowers or a combo.

It was was really hot but they enjoyed it.

(How sweet it this?)
They were both hot and tired so we went back to the house for lunch and they rested and watched a movie on Netflix.

We had a few errands to run and then we went to meet Franny and Moss again to swim at her friend's house.

We baked broccoli, pork chops (Shake N' Bake again) and had a salad. Bryanna cooked the broccoli and Braelyn set the table again.

Now Bryanna is reading her new Bible.
Braelyn is helping me fold clothes.

They are about to get in the bath and head to bed because we have a really early day tomorrow!
By the way Sassy has gone to sleep with them every night. We kicked them out of the bed a few months ago so I don't know if she is just happy to be in a bed or if she is watching over them.

Dot has nothing to do with them. She sees them as a threat to her food! haha!

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