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Sunday, July 24, 2011

B & B Day 4

We went to church this morning. They were both really excited to go which was so precious. They wanted to go to Sunday School but we just went to big church.
We came home and cooked these little creatures. (Pinterest)
We used Little Smokies instead of wieners.

Braelyn named them "Little Sophias" and Bryanna called them "Wiene-pedes".
We made a cheese sauce for them and dug in. They were a hit.
We hung out here for a little while after lunch. It was 106 here today and I didn't want to go outside.
Bryanna wanted a new Bible so we went to Borders (which is going out of business BTW) to find one. We got: Day By Day Kids Bible. You can read it in a year if you read for 7 minutes a day. Bryanna is already on day 7.
We went swimming again in the community pool and then they played on the playground. I didn't take any pics of that today.
Braelyn rolled the crescent rolls and set the table again for dinner.
Bryanna found our dinner recipe: Bacon Ranch Chicken Pasta
and she made a salad.
Braelyn studying the magnet on how to set the table.

The meal was really good. I didn't use the recipe we found because it didn't sound as good as the title. Here is what I did:
Bacon Ranch Chicken Pasta
Seasoned chicken breasts with dry Ranch Dressing.
Cook about 10 slices of thick bacon and reserve some grease.
Sautéed a yellow onion and garlic then added a little bacon grease and chicken until the chicken was cooked.
For the sauce I reserved 1/2 cup of the pasta water and mixed it with 1 container of fat free ricotta cheese and 1/2 a cup of fat free half and half. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Stir in 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese. Mixed everything together and that was it!

I learned from a friend that you can use fat free ricotta to make cream sauces instead of butter and heavy cream. It worked really well.

Braelyn has worn a graduate hat all night. She painted Brett a picture and insisted he hang it by his desk. Bryanna has been making up dances and singing.

This is what Sassy and Dot have been doing....nothing but sleeping.
Brett has been reading.
That's was our day today!
Now the girls are in bed and I'm going to do the same!

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