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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bryanna and Braelyn Day 1

We are having a great time so far! Kari rode with me to get the girls and we had a fun afternoon. We went to the American Girl store and looked around. Didn't buy a doll but we did go to Justice and found some cute clothes. Then we dropped Kari off and went to the pool.
At the play area in the mall.
Bryanna climbing the rock wall.
Braelyn and I painted the sidewalk and she showed me her swim moves in the pool. Not swimming without the floaties yet.

Played at the park after the pool
They both helped cook dinner:
Homemade chicken nuggets made with chicken breast and Shake n Bake.
Fingerling potatoes
Bryanna practically cooked the entire meal. She did everything from cut the chicken to load the dishwasher.

Braelyn fixed us all a water and she set the table with my trusty table setting magnet!
The head chef with her delicious meal!

Then we made cupcakes and cakes with their play baking set.
Next was milk and cookies.
Another idea I saw on Pinterest- sprinkles around the milk glass.
Then finally there was a fashion show of the new clothes.

Braelyn put her own outfits together for the show!
Of course they had plenty of poses for the photos!
Got their baths and are now in bed watching a movie on the iPad.
Hoping they can go to sleep easily because we have another busy day tomorrow! I'll try to post every day! :)


  1. Notice all of the outfit changes. Especially braelyn! Megan told me this would happen! Haha.

  2. Anna, You're such a great and fun aunt. What a fun day. I am cracking up at seeing Brett with the play baking set. :)

  3. Wow Anna, I am very impressed! And you are always the one teasing ME about having are so ready to be a mommy. The girls are so lucky...I wish you were my aunt. Can you come to Louisville and do all these things with me?