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Friday, July 22, 2011

B and B Day 2

This morning we met my friend Franny and her little boy Moss at the zoo. They have zoo pass so we got to park at the entrance and walk straight in!

Bryanna's favorite part was feeding the giraffes.

Braelyn said her favorite part was the water.

After the zoo we came back to the house for lunch and to rest for a while.

Then they got manicures and pedicures at the beauty school. I don't know if the girls or the students were more entertained!

We took the dogs on a walk and did some more relaxing until it was time to start dinner.
(Sassy has taken up Bryanna's bear and thinks it is her own now. She keeps playing with it!)
We cooked home made pizzas tonight.
They were really good. Bryanna helped out again. Braelyn said she was too tired.

Now they are watching another Netflix movie and fighting to stay awake.

Fun day with some sweet girls.
By the way it looks like an explosion went off in their bedroom and we haven't even been in there. i don't know how it happens but I will never think Megan isn't a good housekeeper because I'm pretty sure their stuff gets up and spreads itself out. haha!

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  1. what a fun day! you won me over with the pedicures and pizza...those sweet girls are never gonna want to leave Anna's house. by the way, i noticed you re-arranged your living room -looks really nice! hope to see it in person soon!