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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sam Is Broken

Sam decided to take a nap under a running truck Sunday. My brother had gone to unload something at the barn and left the truck running. He hopped back in the truck and when he began to back up he heard Sam scream. He did not back all the way over him but he was hurt. There was no way Clayton could have seen him. Just an unfortunate accident.

His pelvis was broken in three places.

He has not moved much this week. He gets up to go to the restroom but other than that he doesn't want to move. He has not lost his appetite, but is obviously in pain. When he does walk he tries to walk on his two front feet. The good thing about him is that he doesn't weigh much so doesn't have a lot of weight to put on the breaks.

The vet said that two of his breaks will most likely heal on their own, but the acetabulum fracture is not likely to heal without surgical repair. This surgery would be at least $5,000 and we are not even giving ourselves that option. The vet said if we choose not to do the surgery we will need to euthanize him.

We got some pain medicine and Brett talked to one of his orthopedic surgery friends. Of course he is not an animal surgeon, but he suggested we keep him from moving around for a few weeks and give him the pain meds to keep his pain level down. He said his hip will not heal normally but it may repair itself in some way. If we don't see any improvements and he continues to be in pain over the next few weeks we will have to euthanize him. :(

Say a prayer for Sam. We are hopeful but know that the odds of recovery are low.

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