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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I got a new app on my phone- Instagram. You can follow people on it and do cool things with pics. My name is drannajoy on there.

On our drive to SA last weekend. This was rather ridiculous, but pretty funny. Brett never knew he was covered in dogs he was so out.

Saw this new toy at Target and a little girl brought it in last week as her prize for coming to see me. Not sure about it. The drill is huge!

Got this at B,B and Beyond a few months ago. I figured it would be good to use at future Oral Surgeon gatherings since the skull is their logo.

Sam is pretty much 100% believe it or not. He is back at his farm and running his tail off. He loves hanging out in the garage and recently discovered this chair that was unloaded from last weekends Squirrel-a-thon. Sorry Gran Gran, I think it is his now. Haha

Isn't there a saying that Dr's are the worst patients? Brett seems to have a cold and is just pitiful. He has been at Children's Hospital this month and always gets sick when he works there. (He has plenty of fur to keep him warm though!) I've given him all kinds of meds to help get him well because he is on call all weekend and he is going to the World Series Sunday night. No time to be sick!

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  1. oh my gosh, dot and brett are ridiculous, so funny! the first picture looks like he has a dog for a head. and i'm glad samuel is feeling better, he looks like his old handsome self. is the skull pumpkin bread? i'm intrigued.