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Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Rocks!

Turning 30 is better than I thought it would be! I know some people dread a big birthday like this but I am loving my 30's so far and look forward to them!! I have been celebrating for almost a week now haha!
On my actual birthday my parents cooked a delicious meal and all of the family came over to enjoy it. Neil turned 19 on March 15 so we celebrated his birthday as well!

I received so many sweet and funny cards and thoughtful gifts.

Aunt Mary put together a gift bag with the theme "30 rocks". On the card she cut out paint chips and each color had a rocky name! There was also rock salt, pop rocks, a swimsuit cover up with bling on it, mortar and pestle and Black STONE wine! So clever!

Friday night we went to dinner with Brooke and Clark at Terelli's. I have been wanting to try this place for a long time and it was delicious. It has an awesome roof top patio that has a view of downtown that makes it even better!

Kari was SO nice and I think brave to have a few friends over to her house last night for my birthday. I say brave because she is due to have a baby ANY DAY NOW!!!
Brett smoked a brisket to take over and it was delicious! I know he won't be happy about this picture but I thought it was cute. I put the apron on him because he was getting it all over his shirt!
Kari also went with the 30 Rocks theme! Pop rocks and rock candy are in the jars. She also made the cute banners out of scrapbook paper!
Kari also painted that- isn't it awesome?!
And she made the tissue paper poms!
Pioneer Woman's sheet cake=YUM!

The girls. Kinda crazy to think this time next year there will be 8 girls because 3 of the 5 girls here are expecting a little girl!!
Clark told Brooke: "Don't drink the water around here-there are pregnant people everywhere!" haha Brett agreed with him of course!

So obviously I have had a fun time turing 30! I have been able to share this time with so many special people and that has ROCKED!! :)


  1. Happy Birthday!! mine was March 29th <3
    Can't wait to meet Kari's Texas gal-pals

  2. Aw, you will hopefully get to meet my momma soon!

    How funny that your Aunt Mary and I were thinking alike! Cute pics and I'm glad you had a great 30th, it was fun to celebrate with you!!!

    and ps- I love the picture of Brett in the apron :)

  3. Looks like fun!!! Can you believe we're 30!?!? Brett "ROCKS" the apron!