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Sunday, April 1, 2012

March on the iPhone

I'll get to start working with this handsome guy in a few short months. Mom has a countdown going and knows the exact number of days until graduation, but I just know it will be soon!

I love that everything is blooming. This is out our kitchen window.

We walked to the crazy parade on Greenville Avenue on St. Patty's day. We colored Dot green with food coloring!

We have detoured from our regular Thursday Thai food to eat crawfish the last two weeks. I love crawfish season!!

I got to see my great friend Randi in Austin last weekend. I crashed her sister's bachelorette party to get to spend time with her. Friday night was 80's night. Believe it or not this entire outfit came from my closet!


  1. your beautiful smile is contagious <3
    Kari's Mom

  2. You dyed your dog green!! That is SO awesome! :) As is the 80's outfit!

  3. Ummm only a Windham/Miller girl would dye her dog green! I still remember going to your house one St. Patricks Day and everything your dad cooked was cornbread, green rice, etc!!! So happy for Clayton!!! I can't believe he's already a dentist! I remember telling him he was adopted when he was like 5 years old!