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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bathing Beauties--$3 Collage Wall Hanging--

Our dogs love the water.  They would let us bathe them every day if we would do it for them!  I was playing with Brett's new camera and took some pics of them while they were enjoying their shower the other day.  After I took them all I thought it would be cute to hang them in the bathroom.  I made a collage online at SAMs and picked it up in the store less than an hour later!  It is a 12x16 print and it was only $2.96+tax!

Here is the print.
I was going to get a canvas and mod podge it on, but didn't want to get back out of the house so I decided to try using cardboard.

We had this big box so I cut out a piece just a little bit smaller than the photo.  I thought it would look better if it stood out from the wall a bit so I hot glued 4 pieces of foam we had from the packaging and then another smaller piece of cardboard on the back.  I then superglued a paperclip on to hang it with. 
It looks super ghetto from the back but I have it hung in a place that it cannot be seen from the side so it won't be noticed!

Then I used glue dots to put the photo on the cardboard.  
I am not sure how the photo will do in the moisture of the bathroom because it is not protected by anything but I feel like it should last a while.

Super easy and really cheap!  


  1. you, my dear, are too clever & crafty; that collage is really cute. Duh - all these years I have been giving my doggies baths - geez, I will turn on the shower the next time <3

    1. haha thank you! clever and crafty or just bored - i don't know!
      our pups will take whatever they can get but a shower is easier to rinse them!
      saw cora yesterday- oh my she is so precious. when can you come back?

  2. I love this, Anna. Your dogs are the cutest, and now....the cleanest!

  3. I love this, Anna. Your dogs are the cutest, and now....the cleanest!

  4. Anna Joy that is super cute and crafty. Please come visit me soon so we can so do some projects like this together...I need help!! I tried the shower thing with Jax but he acted like I was trying to kill him..doesn't like water in the nose!