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Monday, July 2, 2012

8 years later...

Brett said the other day that he has been waiting for 8 years to start what he finally started on Sunday.  He knew when he started dental school he wanted to go to OMFS residency.  So, after 4 years of dental school, 3 years of med school and 1 year of General Surgery internship he finally started his 5th year of residency on July 1 doing ORAL SURGERY!  So for the last 2 years he will only be doing what he is here for -finally.  He was so excited and I think maybe even an little anxious and nervous. 

He packed his bags and was all ready the night before!  

He is on call q2 for the first 2 weeks.  That means he will be spending the night at Parkland every other night.  Sunday night he was on Face Call and it was a crazy night.  They cover Children's Hospital, Parkland and St. Paul for any head and neck trauma and dental pain/infections when they are on Face Call.  He had 13 trauma calls and several infections he got paged on during the night.  That is a ton for one night.  So, he got no sleep.  Then he had to work the clinic all day today.  Poor thing came straight home and got in bed.  I can't even wake him up to eat.  He just asked me to set his alarm for the morning.  Thankfully tomorrow he is on Mandible Call which is not usually as busy so hopefully he can sleep some tomorrow night.  

We went to the OMFS graduation Friday night.  Last year when I posted about it he was about to start his intern year on General Surgery.  I am SO glad we are done with that.  Some months were pretty bad and I may have blocked a few of them out!  The worst was last September.  He was on night float and was on call every single night and had to sleep there.  Since we were on totally opposite schedules we saw very little of each other- no fun! 

 So even though those early and long days and nights are not over, at least he is finally doing what he loves and it won't seem as bad!

Here are a few pics at the graduation dinner.
Helaman and Brett- co-residents 

Nick-the new chief, David and Charlie- are done!, Brett
 I know this year will probably fly by and this time next year he will be starting his chief year!  Gosh time flies!


  1. Congrats - SO proud, and I've always loved me some OMFS surgeons <3

  2. Yay Brett! What a sweet post

  3. Brett looks so handsome all dressed up in his suit...and you know I'm a sucker for that beard! Congrats to Brett, such a long hard road but it will be over before we know it. Then maybe we will happily be living in the same city as long as we live....ahhhhh sounds so good. Baby M needs his/her Aunt Anna and Uncle Brett. p.s I really like that bag you picked out for Brett.