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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Good Meal

We cooked flank steak and stovetop mac and cheese tonight.  Oh my it was really good and easy.  I'll link the recipes so you can try them out.

Found the Mac and Cheese on Pinterest of course.  What did I cook or do before this site...?  It's a little ridiculous!
HERE is the recipe!

I think the red cutting board makes this steak a bit more rare than it really was.  They recommend cooking it medium-rare which is what we did.

When Brett came to Dallas to interview for residency we stayed at Brooke and Clark's house.  They cooked this flank steak and it was so good that we still think about it today!  I finally asked Brooke for the recipe a while back and tonight was the first time we have cooked it ourselves.  It is really simple and delicious and for a bonus, flank steak is an expensive cut of meat!
HERE is the link to the recipe.


  1. Thanks for being such a great blogger - flank steaks are my secret weapon Kroger's calls their's "flat iron steaks", but I think they are the same thing. SO happy ya'll get together so often & have formed such an extended family <3

  2. Finally made this last week and Ryan loved it, thanks for sharing the recipe. I couldn't try b/c of the rare meat situation but it smelled wonderful and was so easy. Haven't tried the mac n cheese yet but you know that's my weakness