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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Well I'm obviously catching up on blogging and playing with the new camera with Sassy beside me and Dot in the window!

Brett is studying for Step 3 of the Medical Boards.  He takes the test this Monday and Tuesday all day both days.  I know he will do fine but keep him in your prayers if you think about it.
You are not able to take this test until you have completed an intern year after medical school- which will be over for him at the end of this month.  After passing this test he will be able to get his medical license. 

Sassy is hanging out with me on the couch

Dot has been in the window seal for over an hour now.  She loves it up there.  She watches for birds and squirrels while getting a little sun.  Too funny.  Now she is passed out up there.  

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  1. I love Sassy and Dot..they are so quirky like my Jax and Bailee. Isn't it funny how they both have their own thing they do? Yay for Step 3 being over, Congrats Brett!