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Friday, July 27, 2012

Brett and Ryan's Birthday

Brett and I went to Louisville, KY the weekend of his and Ryan's birthday.  Randi and I had made a plan to surprise Ryan with our visit, but he some how got it out of her so it didn't end up being a surprise.  Ryan turned 30 and Brett turned 29.  They share the same birthday- June 16 which makes them even more of the same person- haha.   They are inseparable when they are together so thank goodness Randi and I love each other too because the boys barely talk to us when they are together haha!  
Going out to Jeff Ruby's to celebrate the birthday boys.
Thanks mom and dad for dinner!  It has almost become a tradition that every time we visit Ryan and Randi my parents give us money to take us all out to eat with.  So nice!

So there was one surprise on the trip and it was on us.  Ryan and Randi announced that they were expecting!!  They knew they had to tell us then because Randi and I like to drink lots of wine together and she would not have been able to hide it haha!  We are so excited for baby M arriving in early February. 

We also got to see Brett's cousin, Ashley while we were there which was a treat.  We haven't seen her in a few years.  You can't tell in the pic, but she is having a baby in December! 

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