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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Need Your Help!!

I got an email from Blue Bell to vote for them to bring a flavor from the past back.  Will you please go vote for Candy Bar for me!!  Brett will tell you that I walk by the ice cream section every single time I go to the grocery store at every grocery store no matter where we are to look for this flavor.  I haven't had it in a few years and I have been patiently waiting for it to come back.  Now is my chance!!  Vote it back in the stores for me please!!  haha-Here is the link:

Candy Jar - Gold Rim
Rich caramel ice cream containing all of your favorite candy pieces - peanut butter cups, chocolate chunks, peanut brittle, chunks of caramel and chocolate crisp pieces.

On a completely opposite note I reached 100 classes in yoga this week.  They present you with these wristbands in class when you reach 10,25,50,75,100,200,500,1000 classes.
I feel much stronger but there are still some things I can't do and don't feel like some the poses are getting any easier even after all of this time.  I love it though. And I'll keep going so I can eat gallons of Candy Bar when it comes back!

By the way- I'm listening to Brett on the phone talk about another case of West Nile Virus.  There have been so many cases reported around here and I'm a little freaked out to go outside :/


  1. So many things to address...first of all, who gets emails from Blue Bell? That is so random and hilarious! I will definitely vote, as this seems very important to you. Congrats on 100 classes, that is so awesome! I saw you in action and you are quite good. I am up to 3 now, including the one you took me to, which ended in the vomiting afterwards. Watch out for the West Nile that is apparently invading Dallas.

    1. Thank you for supporting my ice cream habit!!! I'm proud to say I introduced you to yoga ... and you still went back even after puking afterwards! That is impressive!

  2. Lol at the above conversation. I voted! West nile is super scary, Cora got a bite on her head the other day and i about died. We dont even take her out much, stupid mosquitos!

  3. I get the Blue Bell emails too! Hey, they have some good coupons sometimes! I like yoga too, but have the worst balance in the world. Maybe when I reach 100 classes I will be able to stand on one leg.

  4. Another reason for me to keep my pregnant booty in the AC!!!!

  5. 100 classes! way to go! Our gym doesn't keep track but I'm loving it so far.. maybe 10 classes in? Can you do crow? That's my goal... which is kinda crazy to think of all the times I did that as a kid just messing around!