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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Junkin' and American Idol!

We had a great weekend with Aunt Rachel, Aunt Mary, Analeise and Gran Gran!  They came Friday afternoon and we spent the days "junkin'" at garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores!  They found some treasures.  I think the only thing I got was some old tin that we are going to put it in front of our bar.  
We had so much fun finding treasures, eating out, laughing and watching the Olympics then finished off the weekend with the American Idol tour concert.  These pics are in no order but you will see the fun we had!
Arboretum- It was really hot but the glass is so pretty!

American Idol Crew

Brett got to go to an estate sale-I know he was so excited haha!  We piled in the back to fit Aunt Rachel's treasure (an antique jewelry box) in the front with Brett.

Taco Joint

 We ate at Taco Joint 3 days in a row so we thought a photo was necessary since we spent so much time there!!
We first took the golf cart tour of the Arboretum but it didn't show us much.  I knew there was so much more to see so we talked Gran Gran into using one of their chairs.  At first she wasn't having it but we made her a deal that we wouldn't take any photos of her in it.  But she decided she was ok with it so I think it's ok to post this pic!  This photo is at one of my favorite spots at the Arboretum


A lot of time was spent like this.  Brett was showing off some of his cases.  Analeise can't look at the gory pics so she has to look away!

Phillip Phillips-finally!
 He didn't come out until the last 30 or so minutes of an almost 3 hour show.  I was almost so mad at him I couldn't even enjoy the first few songs.  I thought he had stood us up!!  haha
American Idol
Gran Gran getting a lesson on her iPad.  She decided she needed to use it for more than Solitaire so Aunt Mary set her up on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, email and downloaded books so she is now very connected!!  

Thanks for a fun weekend ya'll!!!   


  1. What a fun weekend!! Is Taco Joint the place with those awesome breakfast tacos? Philip looks so dreamy. Maybe now Gran Gran can teach me how to use an iPad! I bet Brett secretly LOVED that estate sale :)

  2. Whatev Phillip! I love that Gran Gran didnt want to be photod in a wheelchair, so cute

  3. I have no doubt that y'all had a fun time! :)