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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our New Table!!!

We have had a great weekend already and it's just getting started!
Mom and Dad were so nice to come deliver our beautiful new table hand made by Uncle Jimmy!!  He made the table and bench out of fallen/dead trees from his land and my parents' land.  I can't get over how talented he is.  I have told him he could sell these for lots of money if he wanted to
I love the detail in the wood. 
I got these chairs at a thrift store for $45 each.  I just happen to come across them on Craig's List  last weekend and we went to get them that day!  I have been looking at chairs like this and they range from $150 $400 each so I feel like we got a steal!
He originally had the table sanded out to perfection and I asked him to make it look more weathered.   He took a piece of concrete and beat it.  I know that wasn't easy for him to do after spending all of that time getting it so smooth, but we love the way it turned out!  You can see some of the divots in the picture on the right.

Of course we had to find something good to eat while mom and dad were in town.  We ate at Trulucks.  Good food but we had an even better time!
Restaurant week has started so mom and I ordered off of that menu.  Restaurant week happens this time every year and the participating restaurants will prepare a 3 course pre fixe menu for $35 and donate a portion of the money to the food bank.  We love it because it is an excuse to go to fancy restaurants and try their food for much less than it usually costs and we are helping out the food bank!
Heath met up with us for dinner!

The desserts were huge!

After dinner we got to meet up with Winston, Nelson and Nelson's mom!   They live in Fort Worth now so hopefully we get to do this more often.

Dad got himself a new hat at Wild Bill's Western Wear downtown.  His blew off on the boat the other day and sunk so he needed a replacement and I like it :)

Brett is on call today and tonight so we may not be doing much the rest of the weekend.  
Thanks for the delivery and good time Mom and Dad
and THANK YOU UNCLE JIMMY for the awesome table and bench!


  1. That table is FANTASTIC! And I love the chairs, those were a steal and they look great with the details in the table. He is so talented! I think I was there for restaurant week one time and it was a lot fun. Looks like you guys had a blast - and I love Danny Paul's new hat, that is a really handsome picture of him :) I miss you!

  2. Wow y'all had lots of fun! And the table looks so awesome in your dining room! I love the bench on one side and the chairs on the other, so clever!

  3. Oh my goodness, are you kidding me?! That table is AMAZING!!! Wow! I'm so jealous, it's absolutely gorgeous!