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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Weekend

If you follow Instagram you have seen all of these pics, but here is the iPhone version of last weekend.  
Neil and Clayton came to visit us.

Brett got the jeep a new battery and we went on a ride around the neighborhood and White Rock.
Sassy found the perfect spot for her!
Neil got a haircut from Barber Brett.  Neil decided that he gets a better deal buying clippers for $20 and getting a few haircuts out of them than going to get it cut somewhere.  He said he always loses them before they go dull haha.  
I found a car I want.  haha.
Tesla is an all electric car made in the USA.  They came to a hotel here in Dallas to let people that have ordered the car have a test drive.  Check out the huge screen with wifi internet access.  They said that you can fully charge the car at home in 4 hours for about $5 in electricity.  They are also building charging stations around the state that you can get fully charged in 40 minutes.  These aren't the typical goofy looking electric cars.  They look really good!
The guys and I went to the Arboretum.
Brett and I went with the people I work with in Dallas to a food truck gathering on Thursday night.  These food trucks are so much fun because the food is gourmet and you can get little samplers of it all.  They have everything from sushi to ice cream food trucks!

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  1. Jeep pics are cool, I want one just to play around in. Watch out..Maggie jumped out of the car window last week. Crazy dog. I'm not sure I want to share the road with people who have a huge screen to surf the net while that drive. I love food trucks! Looks like you guys had a fun family weekend :)