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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sassy's Photo Shoot

I got an email from Brett with the title: Pre-op

I cracked up.  
The two of them had a photo shoot.  
Brett took the pics of her that he takes of patients before surgery.  

I think she looks pretty good to be 84 in human years.  
To start, she only has a little gray, very few wrinkles, she has all of her teeth (they could use a cleaning), walks at least a few blocks a day, still swims a few times a week, great hearing and vision, can hang with Dot who is half her age and let's not forget how smart she is...she has sat right beside one of us for all studying during college, dental school, medical school, 3 years of residency and is still going!   

So I can't think of a reason to have any "post-op" pics taken.
We can only hope we are in this good of shape at this age ;)

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  1. Oh my gosh that is too funny! She looks good for being "84!!" she and gran gran are both better off than some young adults!