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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shower Impossible!

Brett and I offered to host a shower for Brett's co-resident and his fiancé, Mariana.  We knew we would be out of town the weekend before so I had prepared most everything before we left.  We were planning on going to the AAOMS (national OMS Meeting) in San Diego, but the night before we left we got news that Brett's dad had a biking accident and broke his Femur :( 
We didn't think twice about changing our plans and heading down to San Antonio.  If we are looking for something good in this scenario it would be the timing!  Brett had already asked for Wed-Sat off.   Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to make it to SA until the weekend and I am so glad we were there before.  I wasn't so much help, but Brett stayed at the hospital almost the entire time and made sure those Dr's stayed in line and got things done on time.  
The patient and his personal Dr.

Headed home.

Jack had surgery Wed and was home on Friday.  He was determined to get out of there as fast as he could.  He was up and walking the next day..  It will be long and tough, but I feel like he will get back to his normal routine sooner than most.  Prayers for pain control and a quick recovery are appreciated.
Clark and Brooke came down on Friday night and Clark said "It feels kind of like Christmas!".  We were having such a good time all hanging out and usually the only time we are all in SA together is for a holiday!  Jack joked and said he knew how to get all the kids to come for a visit....just get put in the hospital.....(Let's not do that again- if you want us to come visit just ask ;)  haha)

We left SA early Sunday morning to head back and get ready for the shower that was planned at 3 on Sunday.  We were both running like crazy to get everything ready.  Brett mowed, mulched, planted flowers and went to the grocery store while I cooked. 
The SA trip didn't make us get home any later than we would have if we would have gone to Cali, we just had more to do for the shower than we thought! 
Brett kept cracking me up because he was calling it "Shower Impossible" like Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network since we were moving so fast!
But, we got it all done just minutes before the first guests arrived! 

I ordered the "Mr. and Mrs." from Green Jazz Face on Etsy.  She is from my hometown and makes the cutest banners.

I stacked different platters to make a cake stand.  The top is a cup and saucer.  I think I saw this on Pinterest.
These were mini key lime pies.  I had made them and frozen them the week before.

The happy couple.

Kari, Derek and sweet Cora who is already 5 months old!


  1. Very impressed! I would have been freaking out trying to pull it all together in time! Way to go Brett for helping out so much! :)

  2. Like any shower is impossible for you never cease to amaze me with your talents! And I agree, very sweet of Brett for helping. Everything look so cute, love the Mr. and Mrs. sign and the mini pies. Bet they were delicious. Glad Brett's dad is home from the hospital, I know that will be a long recovery. He has such a sweet family for coming to stay with him, love that pic of him and Brett :)