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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living Room

We ordered a new couch a few months back and it finally came in!  It is so much bigger and more cozy than our old one and we are loving it.  

 Brett had plans to put the old one in their call room at the hospital but it lived in the dining room for a little longer than I would have liked. 
(I might have threatened to put it on Craigslist a few times because I got tired of squeezing through there!)
In Brett's defense he was waiting for his truck to get fixed which STILL ISN'T.  It has been in the shop for over 5 weeks now getting the hail damage repaired.
Thankfully a friend came and helped move it to the hospital. 

Now it sits in their call room and they can relax on the couch rather than a desk chair during their all nighters up there.   He got a text from the guy on call the other night that said: "This couch changes everything."
Brett also took his mini fridge from college up there.  
Those boys are all loving the new additions.

So back to the living room.
You may notice the couch isn't the only change.  
Check out the beautiful cedar coffee table! 
That's right, Uncle Jimmy has been at it again. 
He whipped this beauty up after I commented that I wanted to use one of his benches he made as a coffee table.  
I can't believe how pretty his work is.  All I could have done with this dead, fallen tree is make fire wood and look at this!
We are loving it.
It even smells good. 


  1. Wow - the new couch is gorgeous, the table is both sentimental AND amazing (Gotta love ALL things Cedar, especially those made WITH love!); I am certain ya'll are loved for the call room additions !


  2. wow! that coffee table looked awesome in the shop but it looks perfect in your living room! he is so talented!