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Monday, November 26, 2012

Lately Via the iPhone

I've been lazy about blogging lately.  I would do it more often, but I think it is a lot of trouble to upload photos. I think having a Mac makes is harder or maybe I just don't know the best way...

Sassy and Dot hanging out while Brett worked on the jeep.  They were hoping we were going for a ride.
This happens all of the time.  Dot loves to be doing whatever her dad is doing.  This time he set her a bed up in the window.  
Brett and I have grilled out and had a fire in the pit a few times on cooler nights.  I got Sassy some pecans to snack on while we hung out.  One of Sassy's favorite things to do it eat pecans while sitting by the fire :).  My parents always have nuts by the fireplace and that is where her habit started.
Aunt Mary had her annual Halloween dinner.  Mummy Meatloaf and Ghost Pizza were just two of the many delicious items served.
Brett and I have been seeing lots of fun concerts and shows lately.
We went to Kooza, a Cirque Du Soleil show.  I got in trouble for snapping these pics.  I have no idea how they saw me!
This was at Ryan Bingham.  A great concert, but I felt old!  It was mostly college kids and I got tired of standing up the entire time!
Last week we went hear Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of Pearl Jam.  It was just him and all acoustic and it was amazing.  Brett has been a Pearl Jam fan since high school and was so excited to go see him.
Baby Drake was finally born!  He made his debut a week past his due date and is so, so cute! 
Aunt Becky gave her "bosses" these cute bouquet for Bosses Day.  So clever and thoughtful.

I'm back on my crochet kick.  I made this hat for Baby Gavin who will be here in Feb.
Made one like this for Cora and Madelyn.
The blanket is also for Baby Gavin.  

Brett's schedule is still busy, but so much better than last year.  He has almost had 2 weekends off each month so we are enjoying getting to hang out together without the pager a little more often!
He starts at a hospital in Fort Worth in December and will have to be there for the next 5 months.  He really likes the attending Dr.'s there so hopefully that will make up for the daily drive.

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