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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend.
Friday night we got our tree and decorated it. 
Saturday morning I had a Christmas party with the office I work at in Dallas.
We had lunch at a place called Rise.  They specialize in soufflés.  I have been wanting to try it for a while now.  It was delicious.  

I had a Truffle Infused Mushroom one for my meal and Chocolate for dessert.  They also have Violet infused Mimosas.  It was all so good.  

My parents, Clayton and Gran Gran came in town Saturday afternoon.
We went to the Arboretum.  I thought they would have some Christmas decor out, but not yet.  But, the  Chiluly Glass is still there so we were happy to see that again.

Just like last time I suggested Gran Gran use one of their wheelchairs so she could see it all.  Dad thought it would be funny to wrap a towel around her leg and text a photo to Aunt Becky.  He is always making Aunt Becky worry when he has Gran Gran with him.  I don't think she thought it was funny but he definitely got a kick out of it!   

 You will probably see one of these again on the Christmas Card.

We had fun taking these pics believe it or not.  It is usually a battle to get everyone to cooperate for group pics.  Apparently that never changes no matter the age because I know my friends with little ones have a heck of a time getting a good photo too.
Everyone was getting a kick out of the Santa hats.  We let 2 other families borrow them for their pic.  They loved it!

Saturday night we went to The Granda right down the street to hear Monte Montgomery sing.

My family left after breakfast on Sunday.  
Brett worked on the jeep while the dogs and I enjoyed the beautiful weather. 
Sunday night we went to Brooke and Clark's house and cooked backstrap from the hogs they got at the lease during Thanksgiving.  After dinner we went and rode around in Brett's jeep and got ice cream and looked a Christmas lights.  It was a blast.  Only in Texas can you wear shorts, eat ice cream and ride around in an open-air vehicle to look at Christmas lights!  

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