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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning begins with opening gifts from everyone and checking out what Santa brought.

The newly engaged couple!
Congrats again you two!
After gifts we all look for the pickle ornament on the tree which holds our first clue to the treasure hunt.  My parents started doing this for us when we really young and we love it.  The clues are usually Bible verses or some kind of riddle that somehow tells us where to go next.  They always incorporate new things or memories from the previous year in each stop.  
This year the clues were from this song/skit YouTube video we have all watched and repeated over and over for months.  It is goofy but it cracks us up.  It's called Earl Dibbles Jr Country Boy.
Anyway here are pics of each clue location.
The office!

The Library!

The culvert at the creek.

Gran Grans- where I sit every Wednesday night when I go.

On the Ranger headed to the creek.

Tires used to flatten out the pasture.

Uncle Jimmy's Shop where all of the beautiful woodwork is made.

Chicken Coup 

It was pouring rain so we sent the boys for the clue in the deer stand while we tried to stay dry.

The billiards room.

The well

Deer stand
shooting table

the boys soaking wet

In the drink fridge.

On the ranger.

The prize ($$$) was on the pier!

Here we are doing the Milton Dance again.
Christmas Day lunch is always at mom and dad's. 

Posing with the props Aunt Rachel made.
After lunch we headed back to Dallas to celebrate with Brett's family.
We went to Brooke and Clark's and opened gifts and cooked my favorite meal we all cook together:
flank steak, scalloped potatoes and a salad.
Sassy loves the fire so much!

We had a wonderful holiday packed with lots of fun and family.

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