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Monday, January 28, 2013

Hunting and A Recipe

We had a little get-away this weekend.  Brooke and Clark invited us down to their lease.  It is a little over an hour from Dallas.  We went down Sat. afternoon and came home Sunday morning.  We cruised around the land while the boys used their game calls to bring in anything possible!  
Clark grilled asparagus, pork tenderloin and sausage along with mac and cheese.  It was delicious!
We walked down by the river and saw this guy hanging out in his huge nest.  A Bald Eagle.  You don't see these very often so we thought that was pretty cool.
Brett and Clark got up early to go duck hunting and left Dot behind.  She cried for entire hour until I finally got out of bed then she sat on this table and ran back and forth to each window whining until they finally got home.  
Brett, Clark, Mac and their ducks. 
I made this dish tonight and we both thought it was delicious.  I found it on Pinterest.
It is called Spicy Sausage Pasta.  Not a great photo, but try it.  We loved it!!

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