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Saturday, July 23, 2011

B & B Day 3

Started out the morning with Braelyn's favorite: pancakes and bacon.
She helped with the batter.

They painted a canvas and a photo frame for Megan and Pat.
(A surprise Megan)

Then we had hotdogs and custard at Wild About Harry's for lunch.

We tried to go to the Aquarium but there was an hour wait outside to get in so we decided to go to The Children's Museum of Nature and Science.

Lot's of fun things to see and do there.

We watched a show at the Planetarium but didn't make it through the entire thing. Everyone got sleepy so we left and went to play in the fountain.

Finished the day with sliders, corn and tots. Yum yum.

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  1. Those frames are really neat...their mom will be so excited for such a cool gift! The museum looks cool too..another fun day with Anna! The girls are such posers, I love it!