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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Heather's Baby Shower

 Heather and baby Drake had a great shower yesterday!  We had such a good time and Heather and Justin got lots of goodies for little Drake!

Diaper cake-  I made this- a bottle of wine, diapers and burlap is all it took.  I got the initials in Canton and used a wire hanger to hang the little birdies.

How awesome is this fruit display!

"Decorate a Onesie" table!

Wishes for Drake
The food Heather and Drake have been craving!!  

Mommy to be.

Some of the onesies.

Heather's aunt was pretty clever on this one.
D+rake= Drake!

Hostess pic

Mommy and granny to be!

Hostess gifts- too cute!

I made the wreath too.  The writing is on chalkboard paint.  I thought Heather could write Drake's "stats" on the smaller one when he is born!

I'm so excited for Heather and Justin and I can't wait to meet Drake :)


  1. What a beautiful and cool shower!! I LOVE the diaper cake and crafty Anna, I am so impressed. Really unique ideas, looks like you guys had a great time. Pretty cake and fruit bouquet too!

  2. I loved it! Everyone keeps telling me how it was the best baby shower they've ever been to! I think Corey was quite impressed with his first baby shower, LOL. Thanks for all you did!