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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random iPhone Pics

This is what we are doing right now...
Eating Oreos on the couch and watching the Republican National Convention

Dot is really being tested.  She has been staring at this Oreo for a while now and has not given into temptation.  
How sweet is this.  This is how they wake up almost every morning.
The Pankey Institute.  Just finished course #3 of 4 in a continuum that they offer there.  
Brett got to see Sam this weekend.  Can you tell they missed each other.
Kari and I saw this in store this week.   I may have to make one of these for  one of our  bathrooms at the office.  I thought it was cute.

I am hooked on this rice.  Some of our friends cooked it for us and I just love it.

The blanket I made for baby Drake.

I changed our title photo again.  It is a pic our honeymoon when we were in Maui.
We are looking forward to the 3 day weekend.  Brett is off and we are excited to hang out and take the dogs along with us for a fun weekend!  


  1. These are great. We watched the RNC last night too, but we were eating KFC and Blue Bell! :)

  2. That blanket you made is adorable! Is Brett aware of those pics you posted of him with Sam and Dot? I am cracking up...that's how Jax and I sleep! P.S. I love your new profile pic, so pretty!